Building Stronger Relationships for a Brighter Oklahoma

Ascend Relationship Counseling is more than just a therapy practice

we're a catalyst for connection. We see the profound impact healthy relationships have on individuals, families, and communities, and we're dedicated to fostering that well-being throughout Oklahoma.

Spreading the MFT Flame

  • Marriage and Family Therapy

    We believe in the transformative power of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), and we champion its growth within our state. Through our clinical practice, we offer specialty services addressing a wide range of relational challenges:

Discernment Counseling

Navigate tough decisions about your relationship's future.

Couple/Marriage Therapy

Rebuild trust, communication, and intimacy.

Premarital Counseling

Lay a strong foundation for your married life.

Sex Therapy

Explore and nurture healthy sexual intimacy.

Mental health Counseling

Strengthen your mental health and grow your resilience.

Individual Relationship Therapy

Uncover patterns and heal hidden dynamics within your relationships.

Child and adolescent counseling

Equip young people with tools to navigate life's challenges.

Whole Family Therapy

Strengthen familial bonds and resolve conflicts.

Parental support counseling

Develop effective parenting strategies and strengthen parent-child relationships.

We offer a clear path toward licensure

Nurturing Future Clinicians

Ascend is also a dedicated training ground for future LMFTs

  • Supervised clinical experience

  • Professional development workshops

  • Mentorship opportunities

Strengthening the Roots of Change

Ascend’s commitment extends beyond individual clients and clinicians. We partner with Oklahoma State University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program to:

Enhance therapy and supervision skills: Raise the bar for MFT education through innovative training programs.

Drive research and learning: Explore cutting-edge approaches to relationship counseling and inform future generations of therapists.

Build a stronger ecosystem of care: Collaborate with universities and community organizations to expand access to vital relationship services.

At Ascend Relationship Counseling, we’re not just building stronger relationships – we’re building a brighter future for Oklahoma, one connection at a time.


Join us! Explore our services, learn more about our training programs, or partner with us to strengthen the fabric of our communities.